Industry solutions - General mechanical egineering

General mechanical egineering

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  • Vacuum fixing

    Fixing of textiles and leather on cutting tables
    Fixing of sheet material, e.g. glass, plastic or metal

  • Pick & place

    Vacuum support in automatic loading and unloading machines, gantry systems and hose lifters
    Vacuum support in automatic logistic processes

  • Extracting

    Vacuum support of mobile or stationary industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Pneumatic conveying

    Process air supply for pneumatic delivery systems

  • Blowing & injecting

    Controllable low pressure blast air flow for air knives for cleaning, drying and cooling
    O2 enrichment in process technology

  • Degassing

    Degassing of high-quality ceramic materials to prevent trapped air

  • Gas recirculation

    Recirculation of inert gases in glove box applications

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